Jun 13, 2011

I Have a Dream

Hi Summer-People! What is summer making you dream of? Or perhaps you are living the dream? I am as usual obsessing about some interior project, however this obsession is about creating a room outside. We will one day make our roof into a lush garden, and that day is getting closer and closer, so these days I am drawing and drawing on foundation, skylights, planting and what not! One thing that this garden will have an abundance over is greenery! I want to look out into the garden and get a feeling we are far away from the city. And then have the luxury of just walking out the front door and actually be in the city. Here are some images to start of the week, and I will let you in on ideas in the next few days.

Image Credit: Sorry, these I found lying around in different old files with co credits..

Mar 26, 2011

Wood, Stainless Steel, Concrete?

Our house is industrial, but at the same time I feel I can give it any characteristics I want. Our one-day-fantasy-kitchen will be the heart of the home and set the tone for the interiors, so I feel the style I choose and the materials that will be used will have important impact. Do I go for a wooden kitchen? A stainless steel kitchen? Or perhaps use concrete as main component? So many choices..

Mar 24, 2011

Maximalist Kitchens

The previous kitchens I have shown you this week has been in very minimalist surroundings. I am not sure I can pull that off, as I am a maximalist at heart. But I do enjoy clean lines, and anything that will minimize messiness. There has to be some sort of fusion between the two, for sure. I know I would enjoy any of the three kitchens below, and feel right at home.

Image Credits: 1;bad blogger.. 2,3; Pia Ulin

Mar 23, 2011

The Kitchen Island

Another kitchen I am drooling over these days is this one right here. Our fantasy-ceiling will be very high and a simple kitchen island with no clutter would stress the height even more. It is just so stylish and elegant, dont you think?

Image Credit: 1,2,3; schoener-wohnen

Mar 22, 2011

Earth House

Remember this amazing pool i posted last week? Well, it belongs to an equally amazing house, with one of my favorite kitchen islands. I just love the simplicity of it, and the reddish hue of the worktop that goes so well with the sandy colorings of the rest of the interiors. And dont you just envy them all that light? The ceiling is a almost sculptural. I could see myself live here for a day or two, for sure!

Image Credits: 1,2,3; Dwell

Mar 21, 2011

Kitchen Obsession

I am utterly, and flutterly, obsessed about kitchens these days. I am drawing our fantasy-onedaywhenwecanaffordit-kitchen over and over again. Trying to get the colors, proportions and relations just right, and make sure it is warm and welcoming, avant-garde and timeless all at the same time. Piece of cake, right? I'll share some of my favorite kitchens with you this week. To start you off, drool on these:

Image Credits: 1; Gitte kjaer, 2, James Brittain 3;Yatzer

Mar 18, 2011

Livestock Tanks for Pool

Yesterdays post on Olle Lundberg's cabin pool has led me to believe I can take inspiration from it and make something on my own. His pool was made of a livestock tank and clad with wood from winebarrels, and was standing on the ground allowing them to use it on the terrace on the second floor. Our garden will be on the second floor, so my vivid fantasy are imagining plonking one right on the floor of the first floor, and have it pierce the ceiling up to the roof where the garden will be. Easy Peasy. Install a pump, and Voila! Oh well, we'll see.


Image Credits: 3; Francois Halard

Mar 17, 2011

Olle Lundberg and his Perfect Cabin Pool

Ok, I know I said yesterdays pool was my idea of a perfect pool for the backyard/roofgarden. Well, this is my idea of a perfect pool, full stop. And so my brain has been busy trying to come up with a way of incorporating the two pool-ideas. Will fill you in more about this tomorrow, now I want to show you this livestock tank pool that amazing architect Olle Lundberg has in his cabin. Enjoy!

Mar 16, 2011

Casa Honoré

Casa Honoré is one divine place. It is situated in Marseille, and I kick myself for not visiting when we were in south of France last summer. It is high on my list of amazing houses to stay in, and I bet you on day I will come back just to stay for a night or two. It used to be a sowing factory when a family bought it and turned it into a home as well as four room mini hotel. The draw to this place is definitely the lap pool in the backyard. It is my idea of perfection for a backyard/rooftop garden pool; secluded, easily accessible, integrated and lush with all the greenery! (They also have a wonderful kitchen which I will talk more about on a later occasion)

Image Credits: Sorry, I've had these for way to long, BUT I do have the website if you'd like to stay a night!

Mar 15, 2011

And There it Is!

My idea of a perfect rooftop garden pool is that you wake up, walk into the kitchen, draw your curtains of your floor-to-ceiling windows/doors, and -There it is! you can just walk barefoot outside and have a dip while the coffee is brewing. Here are some lap-pools that fit the bill.

Image Credits: 1&3, I am such a bad blogger... 2, James Silverman